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We can host as little as 2 people or up to 100. We do recommend calling to book groups over 20.

2 to 4-person groups will have 30 minutes for their session. 5 to 8-person groups are 45 minutes. 9 and over is one hour. Of course, if you want to book a large group, we can customize your session and allot the appropriate amount of time. 

We allow up to 6 people at a time in our larger rooms. 

Yes, you can do both breaking and painting. You can book one after the other or call us to custom book both for you!

For the Break Room – coveralls, full face shields and gloves. For the Paint Room – lab coats, safety glasses, hair bonnets and shoe booties.

That would depend on group size. If you’re looking for something for a larger group, give us a call!

%Rage Room Akron Ohio %Akron Break Room


%Rage Room Akron Ohio %Akron Break Room

Our GLOW-IN-THE-DARK paint rooms are totally unique! 

UV floodlights are mounted around the room and the paint provided glows brightly!

Every guest will be provided with a 16” x 20” black canvas, eight containers of glow paint, paint brushes, a squirt gun full of glow paint and a squeeze bottle full of glow paint. That’s enough paint to cover your canvas, the entire room and/or your friends in ultra-bright neon washable glow paint!

Protective gear is provided – lab coats, safety glasses, hair bonnets and foot booties. We recommend coming prepared to get a little messy! Restrooms are available for cleaning up or for changing afterwards if you would like to.


Make sure to sign your canvas first. We’ll let it dry for a day or two and you can come pick it up and have a memory to keep!

Absolutely. Every room has an iPad Pro mounted outside with Spotify Pro. Load your own playlist or pick your favorite artist or genre and get creative!

Full safety gear to include lab coats (Child & Adult sizes), safety glasses, hair bonnets and foot booties are recommended during the session. We also have hearing protection available for those sensitive to loud sounds.
We also have lockers available to store anything you don’t want to take with you into the paint room.

Our paint sessions range from 30-90 minutes, depending on group size. There are a variety of packages for participants to choose from with add-ons available for those wanting to get really messy!

We have packages for 2-12 participants. Larger groups are welcome and can wait in our lounge for their turn in the paint rooms. Cameras have been installed so those in the lounge can watch the action on a large screen TV.
If you are interested in in bringing a larger group to our facility or hosting a team building event, please reach out and we will make accommodations.

Nope! We love our rage rooms, but felt the need to create something for ALL AGES so we got really caffeinated one day and out popped the idea for the Paint Room. If you’re old enough to hold a brush, you’re old enough to participate!