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Rage Rooms: The Surprising Benefits of Breaking Things

Many people currently live with one mental health problem or the other. Due to hectic routines, it is also easier to feel frustrated and angry. Anxiety, addiction, depression, and personality disorders are common problems that make you angry and irritable. Fortunately, some ways exist to cope with your anger and irritability quickly. Rage rooms are […]

Why do Couples Who Rage Together Stay Together?

Have you ever looked at a raged couple and think how they stay together? Well, it may happen to everyone at one time or the other. It may happen in one moment when you are conversing with your partner, and they say something that lights up the fuse. If you also experience this, keep reading […]

How can rage rooms be a great Corporate Team Building Activity?

Have you ever felt like smashing your office printer or yelling in the face of a coworker? Working in the corporate sector demands more than just skills. It requires a higher exposure level, emotional containment, consistent political correctness, controlling emotions, and more. The fact is truer when you are working in a corporate team. Most […]

Rage Rooms and Productivity: How Breaking Things Can Boost Your Creativity?

The idea of rage rooms is inspired by quickly breaking things to remove anger and frustration. Most of us want to break something when we feel frustrated and angry due to any reason. Breaking things physically doesn’t only help vent frustration, stress, and anger quickly; It even helps open new ways of thinking. Why do […]